Weatherly’s Grocery

Weatherly's Grocery Store, 1932

Weatherly’s Red and White (IGA) Grocery Store, 1932

From an article written by Lowell Swanson, and published in the May, 1999 Multnomah Historical Association newsletter.

Floyd Weatherly started out with the Lovejoy Company Store delivering groceries. It wasn’t long before he went to work inside as a clerk and the customers were asking for him. On May l, 1929 Mr. Lovejoy sold his interest in the store to Weatherly, but he continued to own the building. In 1932 Weatherly built his new store to the east of the Lovejoy Store building. This is now the east half of Thinkertoys.

Some unfortunate situations occurred at the store in the 30’s. In 1934 the store and the post office were robbed the same night. Later in the decade Weatherly was having some problems with one of his suppliers; one night a bomb exploded in front of his store over the two large metal doors on the sidewalk that were there for loading supplies into the basement. The explosion shattered many of the nearby windows and the metal doors were badly bent. But no one was hurt. Later they found pieces of metal in some of the grain sacks in the basement.

Floyd Weatherly, 1940

Floyd Weatherly, 1940

In July 1940 the store celebrated twenty years in business with Weatherly. The local paper summed it up:

20 Years Service Record of Weatherly’s Food Store, A Multnomah Civic Asset
In this edition where the growth, progress, development of this district is told by angles of population increase, new and modernized homes, new industries and business changes; it is fitting that one of Multnomah’s leading merchants should have special mention. Not only from the angle of present day importance to the community on a type of merchandise that is a necessity in every home – FOODS; but of the present high standing of this institution; but due partly to the fact that as the Oldest Food Market it is an outstanding example of what good merchandise, good service will accomplish. 20 years in one location, though in modern quarters and with modern equipment for sanitation, display, convenience and delivery; F. H. Weatherly has kept pace with Multnomah progress and development in every way.

On April 1, 1947 Floyd Weatherly sold his interest in his store and returned to Scottsburg and his old family home. Floyd died on December 1, 1980 at the age of 86. He had a wonderful and fulfilling life and his legacy will live on as one of the early leaders and merchants in Multnomah.

For more on Weatherly’s Grocery, see the Multnomah Historical Association May, 1999 newsletter.

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