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Capitol Highway Snow, ca. 1920. 1

Snowmageddon 1919 – 1920.

The recent snowstorm didn’t even make it into Portland’s top ten snowfalls.  We believe the pictures below are from the winter of 1919-1920 due to the depth of the snow cut on Capitol Highway, and the sepia toning.  A December 1919 snow storm, the fifth worst in Portland’s recorded history,...

Capitol Highway, January 1929. Photo courtesy Jean Mangrum. 3

2603 City Avenue

Today’s photos come from a recent donation by Jean Mangrum.  The photos come from Jean’s grandmother’s photo album.  Jean’s grandparents moved to Multnomah in the late 1920s, and resided at 2903 City Avenue.   Two of Jean’s Uncles, Chester and Bruce Edwards, owned several bus lines, including one that ran...