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Maplewood Booster Club Planting Norway Maple Trees in Kuza, late summer, 1912. 3

Maplewood’s Maple Trees

Oregon Electric Railroad policy was to name stations after Native American tribes, so when they built their station near present SW 51st Ave and SW Maplewood Road, they named it Kuza, for the Kusans; Athapascans settled on the Siletz reservation.  In 1911 about a dozen  families lived in the area. ...

Maplewood Station on the Oregon Electric Railroad, ca. 1912. Photo by George Wendland. 0

Maplewood Station

The Maplewood story begins with the Niebur family’s donation land grant of 320 acres filed in May of 1873. They located their homestead in the present day April Park area. The land was a mix of forest and meadows with a crystal clear stream we now call Fanno Creek. Other...

Car Ascending Grade South of Multnomah Crossing 0

Before the Viaduct

From the time the Oregon Electric laid its tracks in 1908 until the viaduct opened on October 1, 1926, pedestrian, horse, wagon and automobile traffic crossed the railroad tracks (now SW Multnomah Boulevard) at Multnomah Crossing. The crossing was just to the west of the viaduct; the little one way...