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Multnomah, Oregon, ca. 1953. Ed Colvin Photo. 0

Multnomah, Oregon, ca. 1953

Not much to say here, just an old photo of Multnomah.  Not much change today except for the names on the buildings.  Note old Renner’s sign, workmen in Multnomah Garage (now Sip D’Vine and Multnomah Cleaners), and Beardsley’s Auto Parts (now Umpqua Bank building).

International Order of Hoo Hoo Logo 0

Copeland Lumber Black Cat Logo

    The most distinguishing mark of Copeland Lumber Yards, Inc., was the use of bright, Halloween orange on the buildings and a big black cat insignia. This all came about when the company, in its early expansion days, purchased the Fenton Lumber Company of Fenton, Idaho. The orange color...

Copeland Lumber Logo 2

Copeland Lumber

  Joseph W. Copeland was born at Sumner, Iowa, on August 31, 1886. His father, Joseph, taught him the lumber business in yards acquired or opened in Cresco, Perry, Toledo and Gardiner, Iowa. Copeland graduated from high school at Cresco, Iowa, and then matriculated to the University of Minnesota, fully...

Capitol Highway Snow, ca. 1920. 1

Snowmageddon 1919 – 1920.

The recent snowstorm didn’t even make it into Portland’s top ten snowfalls.  We believe the pictures below are from the winter of 1919-1920 due to the depth of the snow cut on Capitol Highway, and the sepia toning.  A December 1919 snow storm, the fifth worst in Portland’s recorded history,...

Multnomah Merchants Celebrating Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958. 0

Multnomah Days 2016

Please join us at Multnomah Days, this Saturday, August 20.  We won’t be dressed as Natives, but there will be a lot to see and do.  A complete schedule of the day’s events is here: http://multnomahvillage.org/events/multnomah-days-2016/

Thomas Tice Land Grant 2

Thomas and Polly Ann Tice

Thomas and Polly Ann Tice were the first settlers on the land that would encompass Multnomah The Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 The Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 was a statute enacted by the Congress of the United States intended to promote homestead settlement in the Oregon Territory (comprising the...

Multnomah, during the 'Antique Store' phase. 1979. 0

Multnomah 1979 (Part 2)

Another photo of Multnomah in 1979, this one from the west end, looking south and east. From left to right:  Rexall Drug Store, operated by Bed Adelman from 1944 to 1960, and Sherman Hess from 1960 to 1972 at 7800 SW Capitol Highway (most recently Acapulco’s Southwest Gold Restaurant); and...

Multnomah, 1979. 0

Multnomah 1979

At the Multnomah Historical Association we’re concerned with the entire history of our area, not just the early days.  Here’s a picture from Multnomah’s nadir, and the beginning of the ‘antique store’ phase. By 1979 Multnomah’s days as a community shopping district were behind it. Former customers were patronizing Washington...

Bill Ryan's Grocery, ca. 1955. 2

Halloween Tales from the Barber Shop

In observation of Halloween, let us recount some of the more gruesome and ghastly stories of Multnomah’s past. I met with Ivan “the Hariable” Tadic in order to hear these tales for myself. We talked on a gray and foggy Thursday morning in late October. No customers were in Multnomah...