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Fairvale Grocery, ca. 1921. 0

Fairvale Grocery

In 1921 the Fairvale Grocery, owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rogers, occupied two acres on the northwest comer of S. W. Shattuck Road and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. As an important part of the community of Fairvale, the “one-man” store sold groceries and gasoline. The picture shows the simple...

Weatherly's Grocery Store 0

Weatherly’s Grocery

From an article written by Lowell Swanson, and published in the May, 1999 Multnomah Historical Association newsletter. Floyd Weatherly started out with the Lovejoy Company Store delivering groceries. It wasn’t long before he went to work inside as a clerk and the customers were asking for him. On May l,...