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Copeland Lumber Logo 8

Copeland Lumber

  Joseph W. Copeland was born at Sumner, Iowa, on August 31, 1886. His father, Joseph, taught him the lumber business in yards acquired or opened in Cresco, Perry, Toledo and Gardiner, Iowa. Copeland graduated from high school at Cresco, Iowa, and then matriculated to the University of Minnesota, fully...

Chiliville, 9130 SW Barbur Blvd., ca. 1950 1


We’ve been slowly but surely cataloging the hundreds of 4×5 black and white negatives Multnomah Photographer Ed Colvin took during the 1950s. Every once in a while we run across a gem, one that shows us something new, something we never knew existed. A few days ago we found nine...

Lovejoy and Jackson Store, ca. 1916. 0

Lovejoy and Jackson Store

The first store by the Multnomah Station on the Oregon Electric Railroad was a small general store started by Nelson Thomas and aptly called the Bungalow Grocery because it looked like a bungalow. This was not in the building now occupied by Marco’s, we believe it was in the building...