Sunday Oregonian, August 4, 1912

Article Title, Sunday Oregonian, August 4, 1912.

Article Title, Sunday Oregonian, August 4, 1912.

When Improvements which are now under way on the Slavin and Taylor’s Ferry roads are .completed, those two highways, extending- through the southwest portion of Multnomah County, will be among the best in the state. The work on the Taylor’s Ferry road has been completed to a large extent, but It will be several weeks before the Slavin road is finished, owing to important changes which are to be made In Its course, eliminating curves and cutting down grades.

On the Taylor’s Ferry road, which extends up from the Macadam road In the Fulton district, the work for the most part has been resurfacing, the county having placed a new coating of rock on the top of the old road foundation, making a smooth surface for the heavy traffic to which this highway is subjected the year around. The Improvement has been made whenever needed from the beginning of the county’s portion of the road near the Riverview Cemetery west and south to the crossroads south of Multnomah Station. Several portions of the highway are yet to be fixed before the work will be finished and the road placed in shape for the Winter.

Rebuilt Portion of Slavin Road.

Rebuilt Portion of Slavin Road.

Work Is Big Task

The improvement of the Slavin road has been a much, larger undertaking Inasmuch as it was Iin bad condition in many places. The work is being extended from a short distance east of Bertha Station to the east end of the county’s part of the road near South Portland. So far a long stretch has been entirely rebuilt, the old road having been torn out and a new highway built from the foundation up to the fine upper layer of crushed rock forming the surface. This work has been done with great care and it is expected he road will withstand the heavy traffic for many years.

Among the improvements on this highway is to be the elimination of a series of curves which have been a part of the road since it was first constructed years ago. There are about ten of these which are to be taken out and the road made perfectly straight. This work is under way at present, forces of men being engaged in excavating for the new course which is to be arranged with heavy macadam. The old road is to be torn out and the base rock used for the base of the new course.

This change will make the Slavin road immeasurably better than it is at present and will afford an excellent highway to connect lower Corbett Street with the new Terwilliger boulevard. The boulevard enters the Slavin road at a point about a mile and a half south and west of where the Slavin road leads out of Corbett Street. Automobiles use this road in going to and from the boulevard. When the curves are taken out and the road resurfaced and a number of grades reduced there will probably be no finer stretch of highway in the county.

Newly Improved Portion of Taylor's Ferry Road.

Newly Improved Portion of Taylor’s Ferry Road.

Road Has Heavy Traffic

The Slavin road is heavily traveled by teams and automobiles, it being the main artery of a wide farming district and presenting exceptional scenic attractions for automobiles. From the time it leads out of Corbett Street it gradually rises up the side of the hills in South Portland, passing through rare forest scenery on one side and overlooking the lower part of the city and the Willamette on the other. After reaching the summit of the hills it proceeds almost duo west to Bertha Station, from where it leads southward into a beautiful forest and farming country.

The work at present is being done sear the entrance to the Terwilliger boulevard. A large number of men is employed. The portion which has been rebuilt indicates the excellence which Is to characterize the rest of the highway.

In two places grades have been reduced, and in a dozen or more places Irregular stretches have been so changed that the road is both straight and level.

C. J. Hubbard of Keats Auto Co. in His Chalmers "30" on the New Taylor's Ferry Road.

C. J. Hubbard of Keats Auto Co. in His Chalmers “30” on the New Taylor’s Ferry Road.

New Machine Tried Out

On the Slavin road the county officials under the direction of Supervisor A. H. White are trying out a new scraper, a machine for digging up old road construction. The machine is reported to be working well and is expected to help in keeping down the cost of the improvements on the road.

Crushed rock is being hauled from the Taylor’s Ferry county crusher, which is running full blast for the first time since a vast amount of rock was uncovered by the city’s unemployed last Winter. There is enough rock at the quarry now to last many years without further cost of removing the top covering of dirt. The rock in this quarry is considered of exceptionally good quality and is probably responsible for the exceptional roads which are being built with it.

This article, and many others, can be accessed at the University of Oregon’s Historic Oregon Newspapers website.

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