Snowmageddon 1919 – 1920.

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  1. timlyman says:

    Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen Writes:

    Somewhere in the 1950’s there was quite a lot of snow. The next door neighbor man had a big fancy sled and it would hold 1 Dad sitting with kid in front and the other man could kneel behind. We rode that sled on SW 45th from Multnomah Blvd down to where the sled could go no more and then we would have a long climb back. There were no cars on it but I don’t know if it was officially closed, I was a kid! Anyway, that’s my snow story and that sled went fast with 2 dads and a kid!

    Editor’s Note: Patti may be referring to January of 1950, when the eighth and tenth heaviest snowstorms of Portland’s recorded history struck; 13 inches and 16.1 inches, for a total of 29.1 inches.

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