When it Really Snowed in SW Portland

Capitol Highway, Winter of 1921-22

 Winter of 1921-22

 Winter of 1921-22

The Winter of 1922-23

As one of our warmest winters has its last gasp of snow on Mount Hood, we bring you some photos of what a real winter looks like. We believe these pictures are from the winter of 1922-23, the third snowiest winter in Portland’s history, with 101.1 inches, it was only 6.5 inches shy of the 1970-71 record of 107.6 inches. Because we photocopied the originals, the quality of the images is low, and because we sometimes weren’t very good record keepers, we don’t know anything about these photos, including who has the originals. If you know, we’d really like to make some high quality scans of the originals.

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