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This summer we did a series of “Then and Now” posters for Multnomah businesses. The posters features a vintage image of the building housing the business, a small inset image of the current facade, and a brief history of the building. Over the next several weeks we’re going to publish the images and an expanded version of the histories here. This week’s “Then and Now” is Jones and Jones Jewelers.

Then and Now - Key Bank, Multnomah Community Church image ca. 1948.

Then and Now – Key Bank, Multnomah Community Church image ca. 1948.

The caption reads: W.E. Parker House & Multnomah Community Church, ca. 1948. Early area resident Mathew Barron recalled that when he arrived in 1902 there were several Indian teepees on this property. In 1921 the Presbyterians opened their church. The congregation moved to their SW 45th Ave. location in 1958, and The Multnomah Bank bought the church and the old Parker house, opening their new bank building (the current Key Bank building) August 18,1960.

3515 SW Troy Street

The Multnomah United Presbyterian Church, landmark in this community, was dedicated in 1921. Funds were subscribed from the Multnomah community and the two religious preferences were Methodist and Presbyterian, which won by one vote. In 1958, the new Multnomah Presbyterian Church was completed on SW 45th. The Multnomah Bank then built on this same site. It later became the First State Bank, Pacific Western Bank and eventually, Key Bank. In 1976, the Southwest Kiwanis organization dedicated the Multnomah Rock Monument that is placed at the corner of SW 35th & Troy streets. The monument tells of the establishment of Multnomah as a passenger and freight station in 1908 with the first post office in Multnomah established in 1912.

1921 – 1958 Multnomah Presbyterian Church
1960 – present Banks- Multnomah Bank, First State Bank, Pacific Western Bank, Key Bank.

Patti Waitman-Ingebretsen researched this building’s history. A list of all known occupants of all Multnomah commercial buildings is available from the Multnomah Historical Association, just email us.

Key Bank, July 2, 2014.

Key Bank, July 2, 2014.

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