Multnomah Days

The annual Multnomah Days celebration began in the 1920s when Multnomah merchants decided to have an annual city-wide sale. Then, it was just a sale, the big annual parade and celebrations were on Independence Day. In the 1950s the event was renamed Chief Multnomah Days, a parade and celebrations were added.  Local merchants, sometimes fortified with “fire water,” dressed up as Indians, stopping cars in the street for charitable donations, threatening to scalp those who did not contribute, or confining them to a makeshift “jail.” As Multnomah went into decline in the 1970s, the celebration stopped, but was revived in the 1980s.

Join us for Multnomah Days 2015, this Saturday, August 15.

Multnomah Merchants Celebrate Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958.

Multnomah Merchants Celebrate Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958.

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  1. Jim Kahn says:

    Multnomah Days…yes…an old family tradition.
    Now…two businesses I would love to hear information about:
    Bill’s Home & Garden Hardware Store-now the Starbucks and Steinbach’s Appliance Store, just East of Bill’s Hardware Store on Capitol…the little house was still between the two businesses.
    Again…I would love to hear something…even see a photo or two…
    Thank you so much.

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