Multnomah 1979 (Part 2)

Another photo of Multnomah in 1979, this one from the west end, looking south and east.

Multnomah, during the 'Antique Store' phase. 1979.

Multnomah, during the ‘Antique Store’ phase. 1979.

From left to right:  Rexall Drug Store, operated by Bed Adelman from 1944 to 1960, and Sherman Hess from 1960 to 1972 at 7800 SW Capitol Highway (most recently Acapulco’s Southwest Gold Restaurant); and at this location by Sherman Hess from 1972 to 1984.  This is now the location of Annie Bloom’s Books.  Next is Laurie & Casey’s Antiques, in this location from 1977 to about 2000.  This building was originally the Multnomah Commercial Savings Bank, and now houses O’Connor’s Annex.  The bank vault is still there.  The Sewing Basket occupied the next storefront during the 1970s, this is now O’Connor’s Restaurant.  At 7850 is the brand new (in 1979) Zoe’s Tavern.  This building, now O’Connor’s bar, has housed taverns since the 1930s.  The last building housed the Food Hobby Shop on the left, and Dick’s Second Hand Emporium on the right.

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