Maplewood School Blueprints – 1912

Every once in a while our research unearths something really interesting and unique.  Today, courtesy Stephen Hanks, Chief Records Clerk, Portland Public Schools, we present the 1912 blueprints for the second Maplewood School.

Maplewood School Blueprints - 1912

Maplewood School Blueprints – 1912


To see the complete blueprints in Adobe pdf format, click the image above, or click here.

Second Maplewood School, by Lowell Swanson

The school was built during the winter of 1913-1914 to replace the first school, a portable building similar to the ones next to the Multnomah School, placed on the site in 1912.  In the fall of 1914 the new building was ready for its first students and would serve the Maplewood students for the next forty years. The building basically consisted of two large rooms, each 33 feet deep and 23 feet wide with fir flooring.  There were large blackboards, 3 ½ feet by 18 feet, in each room. There were two outhouses in the back of the school.

Annie Zweifel was one of the starting students. She later wrote of those years:

“There were a great many more cows than children in Maplewood in those early years. The school had only two rooms. The first four grades were together in one room. The other room contained the big kids: fifth through eighth grades.”

She remembered how orderly the classes were: children quiet, in their seats, and if not, watch out! She remembers well the day her exasperated teacher taped her mouth shut to keep
her quiet.

The first buildings of the third and present Maplewood School were built in 1952-3.  At the end of the 1953-1954 school year the old building was razed except for the gymnasium, and the new school opened for classes on September 7, 1954.

More on all three Maplewood schools in our Summer 2002 newsletter.

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