Lovejoy and Jackson Store

Lovejoy and Jackson Store, ca. 1916.

Lovejoy and Jackson Store, ca. 1916.

The first store by the Multnomah Station on the Oregon Electric Railroad was a small general store started by Nelson Thomas and aptly called the Bungalow Grocery because it looked like a bungalow. This was not in the building now occupied by Marco’s, we believe it was in the building now occupied by Parker Realty. It opened in 1912 and also served as the first post office for the area. Shortly thereafter Thomas hired Levi J. Lovejoy as a clerk for the store. Levi, whom everyone called Lee, and his wife Lula had settled in the area earlier and she was the postmistress in West Portland. They were originally from New York. To the west of the store a short distance was the train station where James Blaine Jackson worked as a telegrapher for the Oregon Electric Railway. He also worked part time as a plumber and blacksmith. In about 1915 Lovejoy and Jackson decided to quit their jobs and go into business together. A building just west of the station had been built and they made it into a general merchandise and feed store as well as a plumber’s shop. It was called “Lovejoy and Jackson.” About the same time that Mr. Thomas had built his store Matthew M. Barron, who lived about 300 feet north of the Thomas building, built a store and a lean-to on the corner that would eventually become the southeast corner of 35th and Capitol Highway (the buildings pictured above). He occupied the buildings with a general merchandise and feed store in the larger building and a plumber’s shop in the adjoining lean-to. Lovejoy and Jackson did very well and to upgrade their location and store they purchased the building and lean-to from Mr. Barron and moved “up the hill” as it was now called. It wasn’t long before all the Multnomah Station businesses would locate in that rapidly growing area.

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