Do You Know These Children?

Multnomah Volunteer Fire Department Fire Truck & Children

Multnomah Volunteer Fire Department Fire Truck & Children ca. 1950

Do you know these children posing on the Multnomah Volunteer Fire Department’s Engine No. 1? The picture is probably from about 1950, but could have been taken anywhere from 1940 to 1960.

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5 Responses

  1. Pete Moylett says:

    yes know them well, from left to right Larry, Steve and Mike Moylett taken at the old fire station which many years later my brother Mike tried to burn down

  2. pete moylett says:

    3 kids on the fire truck photo was taken in 1950, they are my older brothers L-R Larry, Steve and Mike Moylett, we lived at 7763 sw Capitol Hwy, right across the street from the old fire station. I was born at the end of 1950 in the back seat of a taxi cab, right in front of the old Ship Tavern just up the street from Trapps bakery and John’s Market

    • Bob Cavitt says:

      Hey Pete, I recognized your brother Steve but not so much Larry or Mike. Since we all grew up together (my brothers Warren and Ken and I) it should not have been that hard. I will be seeing Steve at the Wilson reunion next month, been awhile, should be fun.

  3. Nancy (Pezel) Kerper says:

    Pete –
    I remember going to Multnomah Grade School with you. I think it’s a complete ‘hoot’ that you shared about your brother trying to burn down the fire station!!

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