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  1. Carolyn Rust says:

    During the summer my friends and I used to walk over to the Hillvilla parking lot to watch Chief Lalooska carving the totem pole. He was a large man, and he sat on a stool beside the log to do his carving. He rarely spoke, so we figured out that we needed to just quietly watch. We never stayed very long, and I always had the feeling he was happy to see us walk away. Progress that summer seemed very slow and I remember having my doubts that he’d ever finish it, but it’s there today as interesting to see as it was fifty-some years ago. I never thought to take my old box Kodak camera along, but I recall many years ago seeing a snapshot of him sitting and carving, so perhaps someone still has it.

    Thank you for the interesting article and the wonderful old pictures.

  2. Kenneth Zeidman says:

    Great shots great memories!!

  3. Pat Peters says:

    Like Carolyn, I too have fond memories of The Hillvilla Restaurant on Terwilliger Blvd. from the late 40’s on. When my parents & I visited, it was a huge event; the view was worth the trip. Much later, I too talked with Chief Lalooska as he carved the totem pole. It did take quite awhile for him to complete. I hope that a beautiful restaurant continues to be nourished in this beautiful setting.

  4. Jim Holland says:

    Thank you for this story. I was 10 years old in 1962. My parents and I lived in Palo Alto California. I took the Southern Pacific Shasta Daylight train alone to visit my grandmother. She would take take out to eat at the Hillvilla. She lived on S.W. Hamilton and it was a quick drive to the Hillvilla.

  5. Barbara J Fazzolari says:

    I worked at the Hillvilla in 1958 first serving lunch and than becoming a cocktail waitress.

  6. Pat Peters says:

    I enjoyed what you said Jim. My mother & I used to spend summers & Christmas vacations in Palo Alto, CA. The weather was always perfect. We left PDX & much later returned via the Southern Pacific Shasta Daylight! We have also lived in Menlo Park/Palo Alto!

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