Halloween Tales from the Barber Shop

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  1. Dick Brainard says:

    Ivan Tadic–you are incredible! Thanks so much for being the village barber all these years–you are a treasure. I do remember Bill Ryan & his Thriftway store–my then wife & I shopped there every week when we lived on Troy just past Multnomah Grade School. Now for a different kind of story. The lady who worked the bakery at 35th & Multnomah Blvd. used to tell me she was one of the original vonTrapp girls who was featured on the movie “Sound of Music.” I have never been able to verify this. I do know she moved to the Beaverton Bakery when the bakery at 35th & Multnomah closed. Did anyone else ever hear this story?

    • timlyman says:

      re: baker girl: Yes, I have heard this. I’m trying to jostle my memory, I think I heard it from a family member of the bakery owners. I will update if I can track down more info.

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