Fulton Park

Fulton park, ca. 1890.

Fulton park, ca. 1890.

The property was originally owned by Oregon pioneer, Thomas F. Stephens. The property was divided and one, if not both, parcels were purchased by Philip A. Marquam, who was for many years the largest landowner in Multnomah County. In July 1888, Southwest Portland Company purchased the land for $150,000, creating the original 411 acres of the Fulton Park District. In June 1910, B.M. Lombard, in partnership with Fulton Park Land Company, recorded a replat of 272 acres of the Fulton Park District land, creating South Burlingame Neighborhood.

In 1889 George Steel, a Portland businessman and the Portland Postmaster, incorporated the Metropolitan Railway Company with his brother James. On April 5, 1889 the city of Portland approved an ordinance authorizing the railway “to construct, maintain, and operate a railway on cetain streets of the City of Portland,” and the railroad opened in January 1890, and initially running from Portland to Fulton Park. The Metropolitan Railway Company was the secone electric line in Portland. The railroad was later named the Eastside Electric Railway, and extended to Oregon City, but went bankrupt in 1898. Part of the right of way would later be used by the Oregon Electric Railroad.

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