Fulton Park Dairy House

Fulton Park Dairy (Raz/Wardin) House, 1903.

Fulton Park Dairy (Raz/Wardin) House, 1903.

Note: An earlier version of this post erroneously placed this house near the main dairy facilities, it was located where the Wilson High swimming pool now is, it’s address was 6450 SW 16th Ave.

Fulton Park Dairy (Raz Brothers Dairy)
by Patti Waitman Ingebretsen

Three Raz brothers purchased the land in 1890’s and chose the Fulton Park name (for a nearby area) because Henry Nieger had already taken the name Hillsdale Dairy. In 1908 the Raz brothers sold Fulton Park Dairy, including 75 cows to Gustav Wardin from Germany and wife Elizabeth Raz of Swiss heritage, for an estimated $7500. Dairy deliveries were by horse drown team which were mode to retail customers. The milk was not pasteurized and the customers provided the containers so the milk was dipped into the containers. In the 1920s Gustav and Elizabeth Wardin’s son Albert became a full partner in the dairy.

The son, Albert Wardin, and wife Anna Raz Wardin, added 5 children in the 1930’s. By 1947 the doiry numbered 100 acres and 42 employees. Over 3000 retail customers were served in Beaverton, Lake Oswego and Portland Heights. Before WWII, Fulton Pork Dairy had nine trucks which delivered to 2000-3000 homes. In the 1950s the Portland School district purchased 37 acres from Fulton Park Dairy which would become Woodrow Wilson High School and Wilson Park Elementary School, now Mary Rieke School. The Wardins sold Fulton Pork Dairy’s distribution business to Alpenrose Dairy in 1951, and they sold the dairy herd and equipment soon after. The Wardin family retained property along Capitol Highway which includes much of the Hillsdale commercial area.

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  1. Bob Rogers says:

    Gustav Wardin and Elizabeth (Raz) Wardin were my great-grandparents. A slight correction: Albert Wardin’s wife Anna’s maiden name was Klemm not Raz.

  2. Kim says:

    My son found a milk bottle in our barn the other day from the Fulton park dairy.

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