Fairvale Grocery

Fairvale Grocery, ca. 1921.

Fairvale Grocery, ca. 1921.

In 1921 the Fairvale Grocery, owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rogers, occupied two acres on the northwest comer of S. W. Shattuck Road and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. As an important part of the community of Fairvale, the “one-man” store sold groceries and gasoline. The picture shows the simple gasoline filling station: one gas pump on the front porch. In the window you can see two automobile tires. Their two children, Joseph and Evelyn, report that they did not work in the store. Mr. Rogers was born and raised in the Fairvale community. The home where he was born, on the southwest comer of Hamilton and Shattuck Road, has been renovated but still stands there. Look for the red house with a huge old pine tree in the front yard. It was built before 1855, and is the oldes house in Portland. Mr. Rogers died in 1950; Mrs. Rogers sold the store and property in 1955 to Albertson’s. The location of Rogers’ Fairvale Grocery is now occupied by Albertson’s and Rite Aid.

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