Copeland Lumber

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  1. timlyman says:


    Greatly enjoyed your Copeland Lumber story.

    Story includes “and McKermit, Idaho. (McKermit no longer exists).”

    I lived for 26-plus years in Pullman, Wash., while working for Washington State University. Being there on the Washington-Idaho border gave me an Idaho affinity.

    Curious about where McKermit was located, I did Internet searches, including looking at lists of Idaho ghost towns. Could not find McKermit.

    Contacted a friend, a retired Idaho State Historian. He said, “You’ve stumped me… I assume it might have been … in the Meridian area, but I’ve never heard of it … I did a search in the Idaho place names book and nothing popped up.”

    So, we’re both curious. Where was McKermit, Idaho?

    Thank you,

    Tim Marsh

    McMinnville, Ore.

    • timlyman says:

      Tim –

      I’m stumped.

      I’ve looked through all my Idaho ghost town books, and online archives of old newspapers, and have found nothing.

      The only name remotely like McKermit is McDermitt, or Fort McDermitt, on the Oregon/Nevada border. I’m ruling that out because even 100 years ago, Fort McDermitt was the middle of nowhere, and could not possibly have supported a lumberyard – plus it’s 175 miles from the three Idaho yards, and the fact that McKermit is mentioned twice makes me think it’s not a typo.

      Anyone have any ideas?

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