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Historic Preservation Meeting

1 PM, Sunday, May 7, 2017 7634 SW Capitol Hwy (Riversgate Church)   This meeting is for anyone with an interest in historic preservation and local history    

Maplewood Booster Club Planting Norway Maple Trees in Kuza, late summer, 1912. 3

Maplewood’s Maple Trees

Oregon Electric Railroad policy was to name stations after Native American tribes, so when they built their station near present SW 51st Ave and SW Maplewood Road, they named it Kuza, for the Kusans; Athapascans settled on the Siletz reservation.  In 1911 about a dozen  families lived in the area. ...

Dutch Village in Hillsdale, Oregon, ca. 1952. Photo by Art Raz 0

Dutch Village

The Dutch Village service station and shopping center was where the new office building in Hillsdale now stands, the former site of Baskin Robbins and Texaco. You can see images of the windmill that inspired the Dutch Village windmill by clicking here.     SERVICE STATION READY HILLSDALE FILLING PLACE...

Multnomah Merchants Celebrate Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958. 1

Multnomah Days

The annual Multnomah Days celebration began in the 1920s when Multnomah merchants decided to have an annual city-wide sale. Then, it was just a sale, the big annual parade and celebrations were on Independence Day. In the 1950s the event was renamed Chief Multnomah Days, a parade and celebrations were...

Bruce Edwards & Multnomah Transit Company Bus at the intersection of SW Capitol Highway & SW 30th. 0

Multnomah Transit Company

Today’s photo also comes from a recent donation by Jean Mangrum.  The photos come from Jean’s grandmother’s photo album.  Jean’s grandparents moved to Multnomah in the late 1920s. In the early 1920s, Jean’s great uncles, Chester and Bruce Edwards, started the Portland – Multnomah Stage Company, later the Multnomah Transit...

Annie Bloom's Books "Then and Now" Poster. 0

Then and Now – Annie Bloom’s

This summer we did a series of “Then and Now” posters for Multnomah businesses. The posters features a vintage image of the building housing the business, a small inset image of the current facade, and a brief history of the building. Over the next several weeks we’re going to publish...

Multnomah Station Blueprint, Front Elevation, ca. 1908. Courtesy Le Meitour Gallery. 0

Multnomah Station Blueprints

Multnomah Station is the building on the left side of the above image. The station, and it’s accompanying power plant, were the first structures in the future city of Multnomah, then Multnomah Station. John’s Market now occupies the site. Our thanks to Yves Le Meitour of Le Meitour Gallery for...

Colorized Neon Shell Service Station Sign on Barbur Boulevard, Night View, ca 1952. 0

Shell Neon Sign on Barbur Boulevard

On the right side of this image of Chiliville, I noticed the Shell Service Station sign. Here’s a closer view of the sign. Barbur Boulevard between SW Terwilliger Boulevard and Tigard was once home to an incredible array of neon signage. Now, the Capitol Hill Motel sign is all that...


MHA Open House 6/23, 5 – 8:30 PM

The Multnomah Historical Association is holding an open house at the Mary Becker Lyman History Center at 2929 SW Multnomah Boulevard. We will exhibiting in the first floor conference room, and giving tours of the library in suite #107. Come join us Monday, June 23, from 5 to 8:30 PM....