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Chief Multnomah Bank. From Multnomah Bank, Multnomah, Oregon. 3

Chief Multnomah Bank

  The Multnomah Bank opened February 2, 1948.  The bank opened at 7840 SW Capitol Highway, the former location of the Multnomah Commercial and Savings Bank that closed December 1934.  The location is now the restaurant side of O’Connor’s Restaurant and Bar, and you can still see the bank vault....

Independence Day, 1922, Multnomah. Oregon. 0

Independence Day, 1922.

For a time we debated over this image.  The foreign flags threw us off.  Some thought it was Independence day, and some thought it was more likely the end of World War I, or some other celebration.  We finally found a copy of the photo with “Independence Day, 1922” written...

Multnomah, Oregon, ca. 1953. Ed Colvin Photo. 0

Multnomah, Oregon, ca. 1953

Not much to say here, just an old photo of Multnomah.  Not much change today except for the names on the buildings.  Note old Renner’s sign, workmen in Multnomah Garage (now Sip D’Vine and Multnomah Cleaners), and Beardsley’s Auto Parts (now Umpqua Bank building).

Richfield Sign from OHSU, ca. 1939, Details Enhanced. 0

The World’s Largest Sign

Every once in a while you run across something so big, you wonder how you never heard of it. From September 29, 1928, to 1939, the largest sign in the world stood atop Healy Heights. The RICHFIELD sign was 60 feet high (10 feet higher than the original Hollywoodland sign,...

International Order of Hoo Hoo Logo 0

Copeland Lumber Black Cat Logo

    The most distinguishing mark of Copeland Lumber Yards, Inc., was the use of bright, Halloween orange on the buildings and a big black cat insignia. This all came about when the company, in its early expansion days, purchased the Fenton Lumber Company of Fenton, Idaho. The orange color...

Copeland Lumber Logo 2

Copeland Lumber

  Joseph W. Copeland was born at Sumner, Iowa, on August 31, 1886. His father, Joseph, taught him the lumber business in yards acquired or opened in Cresco, Perry, Toledo and Gardiner, Iowa. Copeland graduated from high school at Cresco, Iowa, and then matriculated to the University of Minnesota, fully...

Capitol Highway Snow, ca. 1920. 1

Snowmageddon 1919 – 1920.

The recent snowstorm didn’t even make it into Portland’s top ten snowfalls.  We believe the pictures below are from the winter of 1919-1920 due to the depth of the snow cut on Capitol Highway, and the sepia toning.  A December 1919 snow storm, the fifth worst in Portland’s recorded history,...

Ed's Camera Corner Christmas Window, ca . 1955 0

Multnomah Christmas Windows of the Past

The Multnomah Drug Store opened Saturday, November 13, 1926 in the space currently occupied by Bishop’s.  Pharmacist William A. Siegfried took over the store in 1928.  Siegfried bought the old Matthew Barron building across the street, built a new building, and opened his store there the day after labor day...

John's Market, by Kaye Synoground. 2

John’s Market

  By Lowell Swanson, edited by Tim Lyman John Feuz was kind enough to allow us to scan many photos and documents relating to his family’s history in SW Portland.  We’ll be rolling some of those out here over the next several weeks. Those of you familiar with John and...

Multnomah Merchants Celebrating Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958. 0

Multnomah Days 2016

Please join us at Multnomah Days, this Saturday, August 20.  We won’t be dressed as Natives, but there will be a lot to see and do.  A complete schedule of the day’s events is here: