Capitol Highway Approaching Hillsdale from the West

Capitol Highway Approaching Hillsdale from the West

Capitol Highway Approaching Hillsdale from the West

This glass slide prepared for the Oregon Highway Department ca. 1920 shows Capitol Highway approaching Hillsdale from the west. The viaduct is visible in the center of the photo.

Capitol Highway, officially opened on October 22, 1916, was not just the main thoroughfare between Portland and the State Capitol in Salem, but a part of the Pacific Highway, the main automobile route between Canada and Mexico, passing through the West Coast’s major cities. From the present site of the Capitol Hill library to the Tualatin River, it followed the route of Taylor’s Ferry Road, which dated to the 1850s.

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2 Responses

  1. Connie Cavagnaro says:

    Regarding the text accompanying the photo entitled “Capitol Highway Approaching Hillsdale from the West”; I believe that Capitol Highway connected with Boone’s Ferry Rd, not Taylor’s Ferry Rd. Boone’s Ferry continued on as the main drag to Salem in the early part of the last century prior to 99E or I-5. However, this info is anecdotal from my deceased mother who grew up on Boone’s Ferry Rd in Woodburn. She was born in 1927.

    • timlyman says:

      99W through Tigard follows the route of Taylor’s Ferry Road. Taylor’s Ferry was just to the east of where 99W crosses the Tualatin River. This portion of Taylor’s Ferry Road became Capitol Highway in 1915, and US 99W in 1926. Today’s Taylor’s Ferry road between Capitol Highway and SW Bomar Court in Tigard was Lincoln Road or Lincoln Avenue prior to construction of Capitol Highway. Boone’s Ferry Road never crossed Capitol Highway. It’s northern terminus is at SW Taylor’s Ferry Road between SW 2nd Ave and SW 3rd Ave. It did run all the way to Salem. Today it is mostly subsumed by I5 south of the old Boone’s Landing (where the ferry crossed) on the Willamette in Wilsonville.

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