Another Mystery House

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  1. Mike Kokes says:

    I see this post is a year and a half old, but I’ll add some of what I have. Margaret Barron died Dec. 18, 1924. Matthew M. Barron died April 22, 1927. They are listed in the Portland City Directory between 1914 and 1921 and were living 2 blocks NE of Multnomah Station. There are numerous ads in the Oregonian where M. M. Barron was selling lots in this area.

    It’s possible that the deck of this mystery house is where the other mystery picture of Gabriel Park area was taken from. In other words, 6947 SW 33rd Place. According to it was built in 1923. Obviously, it has been remodeled. But I think there’s a chance that this is the house. At least we know for sure they had a camera.

  2. timlyman says:

    Hi Mike –

    Thanks for the info. I should have reread our May, 1999 newsletter article on Weatherly’s Grocery:

    “About the same time that Mr. Thomas had built his store Matthew M. Barron, who lived about 300 feet north of the Thomas building, built a store and a lean-to on the corner that would eventually become the southeast corner of 35th and Capitol Highway. He occupied the buildings with a general merchandise and feed store in the larger building and a plumber’s shop in the adjoining lean-to.”

    Or remembered this from our History of Multnomah presentation:

    ” One of the earliest settlers of Multnomah was Mathew Barron, who had about five acres just north of Thomas Grocery on the other side of what is now Capitol Hwy. Matthew Barron’s first home was lost in a 1926 fire but in 1927 he built this home which still stands today near SW 35th St and SW Canby St. The home featured imported tiles and stained glass features from Italy. ”

    So, the house in the picture burned down in 1926, and was replaced by this house (sorry for the photo quality, it’s the best shot I could get):

    Matthew Barron House, April 19, 2016.

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