2603 City Avenue

Today’s photos come from a recent donation by Jean Mangrum.  The photos come from Jean’s grandmother’s photo album.  Jean’s grandparents moved to Multnomah in the late 1920s, and resided at 2903 City Avenue.

2603 City Avenue, 1928. Courtesy Jean Mangrum.

2603 City Avenue, 1928. Courtesy Jean Mangrum.


Two of Jean’s Uncles, Chester and Bruce Edwards, owned several bus lines, including one that ran through Multnomah.  The photo below shows one of their buses heading up Capitol Highway in January of 1929.  Do you recognize any of the houses in the picture?  Three of them are still standing.  The Mangrum’s house at 2603 City Avenue is on the right of the photo.


Capitol Highway, January 1929. Photo courtesy Jean Mangrum.

Capitol Highway, January 1929. Photo courtesy Jean Mangrum.


Our thanks to Jean Mangrum for donating some of her grandmother’s photos of Multnomah and Southwest Portland.  Your photo donations are so important to chronicling and preserving this history of our area.  So many times people pass on and their historic photos are thrown away by heirs who see no value in keeping them.  Most of the original pre-1940 photos in the Ed Colvin Collections are lost.  If it wasn’t for Ed making copies when the owners brought them to him to duplicate, we would have almost no photos of early Multnomah and Southwest Portland.  If you have old photos, we’d love to copy them for our collections.  We can electronically scan them while you wait, so they never have to leave your possession.

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  1. Sue Barrell says:

    We lived off Capitol Hwy. on SW Carson, corner of SW 42nd. Was City Avenue renamed?

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