2603 City Avenue – Part 2

In the last post I posted pictures donated by Jean Mangrum, including the one below, and asked whether anyone recognized the houses in the photo, or knew the name of the former City Avenue.  Sorry to have kept you waiting three weeks.

City Avenue is now SW Miles Street, and the little house at 2603 City Avenue (#4 below) has been replaced by a monument to greed and bad taste.  I’ll spare you the image.  The other three houses labeled in the photo still stand.

key 1024


7218 1024

House #1, built in 1911, is 7218 SW 29th.  Until recently it was 2834 SW Nevada.  In 2000 it’s beautiful front and back yards were sold off for infill.


7327 1024

House #2, 7327 SW 29th, built in 1929.


7345 1024

House #3, 7345 SW 29th, built in 1928.

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