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Fairvale Grocery, ca. 1921. 0

Fairvale Grocery

In 1921 the Fairvale Grocery, owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Rogers, occupied two acres on the northwest comer of S. W. Shattuck Road and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. As an important part of the community of Fairvale, the “one-man” store sold groceries and gasoline. The picture shows the simple...

Maplewood Station on the Oregon Electric Railroad, ca. 1912. Photo by George Wendland. 0

Maplewood Station

The Maplewood story begins with the Niebur family’s donation land grant of 320 acres filed in May of 1873. They located their homestead in the present day April Park area. The land was a mix of forest and meadows with a crystal clear stream we now call Fanno Creek. Other...