Monthly Archive: November 2012

Multnomah Fire Department paint crew, ca. 1940. L to R - Lorry Marshal, Dick Layman, ?, Virg Spencer, Harry Lawrence. 1

Multnomah Volunteer Fire Department

In January 1926 the Multnomah Booster Club discussed what would happen if a fire started in the main business district. Just a few feet of fire hose was stored at the schoolhouse, and the nearest Portland fire station was miles away. They purchased 400 more feet of hose and negotiated...

City and West Portland Park Railway, ca. 1893. 1

City and West Portland Park Railway

About 1890 hopeful speculators started to carve up southwest Portland into lots. The first serious development was West Portland Park in 1889. Thomas Alexander Wood formed the Portland City Real Estate Association to buy and develop land for sub-dividing. He purchased 538 acres in the southwest area that he named...

Lovejoy and Jackson Store, ca. 1916. 0

Lovejoy and Jackson Store

The first store by the Multnomah Station on the Oregon Electric Railroad was a small general store started by Nelson Thomas and aptly called the Bungalow Grocery because it looked like a bungalow. This was not in the building now occupied by Marco’s, we believe it was in the building...