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Ed's Camera Corner Christmas Window, ca . 1955 0

Multnomah Christmas Windows of the Past

The Multnomah Drug Store opened Saturday, November 13, 1926 in the space currently occupied by Bishop’s.  Pharmacist William A. Siegfried took over the store in 1928.  Siegfried bought the old Matthew Barron building across the street, built a new building, and opened his store there the day after labor day...

John's Market, by Kaye Synoground. 2

John’s Market

  By Lowell Swanson, edited by Tim Lyman John Feuz was kind enough to allow us to scan many photos and documents relating to his family’s history in SW Portland.  We’ll be rolling some of those out here over the next several weeks. Those of you familiar with John and...

Multnomah Merchants Celebrating Chief Multnomah Days, ca. 1958. 0

Multnomah Days 2016

Please join us at Multnomah Days, this Saturday, August 20.  We won’t be dressed as Natives, but there will be a lot to see and do.  A complete schedule of the day’s events is here:

Maplewood Booster Club Planting Norway Maple Trees in Kuza, late summer, 1912. 3

Maplewood’s Maple Trees

Oregon Electric Railroad policy was to name stations after Native American tribes, so when they built their station near present SW 51st Ave and SW Maplewood Road, they named it Kuza, for the Kusans; Athapascans settled on the Siletz reservation.  In 1911 about a dozen  families lived in the area. ...

Pierce Sanitorium. Sunday Oregonian, August 12, 1917. 0

Pierce Sanitorium

In 1851, John Slavin obtained a Donation Land Claim and built a cabin and barn at what is now Capitol Highway and Sunset Boulevard.  By 1882 he was prosperous enough to build a large mansion.  After Slavin died in 1908, his family subdivided and sold off the property. Dr. Edward...

Thomas Tice Land Grant 2

Thomas and Polly Ann Tice

Thomas and Polly Ann Tice were the first settlers on the land that would encompass Multnomah The Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 The Donation Land Claim Act of 1850 was a statute enacted by the Congress of the United States intended to promote homestead settlement in the Oregon Territory (comprising the...

Multnomah, during the 'Antique Store' phase. 1979. 0

Multnomah 1979 (Part 2)

Another photo of Multnomah in 1979, this one from the west end, looking south and east. From left to right:  Rexall Drug Store, operated by Bed Adelman from 1944 to 1960, and Sherman Hess from 1960 to 1972 at 7800 SW Capitol Highway (most recently Acapulco’s Southwest Gold Restaurant); and...

Multnomah, 1979. 0

Multnomah 1979

At the Multnomah Historical Association we’re concerned with the entire history of our area, not just the early days.  Here’s a picture from Multnomah’s nadir, and the beginning of the ‘antique store’ phase. By 1979 Multnomah’s days as a community shopping district were behind it. Former customers were patronizing Washington...